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Every Great Design Starts With A Simple Vision!
So, What’s YOURS?

Ready to take “the new project leap?”

Choosing the right professional, general contractor for your next home project venture makes a huge difference….in the process and in the results! From concept to construction, our knowledgeable staff is dedicated to ensuring that exact specifications are executed right down to the last brick (or paint drop). Your project is our priority. Ready to get started? Browse some of our first-class projects, and decide for yourself if Hi-Tech Builders, Inc. is right for you!

Need more “elbow room?”

From sun rooms to that extra bedroom, Hi-Tech Builders, Inc. has the knowledge, expertise, and skill to transform your existing home into a newly redesigned space to be enjoyed by all who step foot inside.  Additions add value to your home, and we are happy to help you make smart, strategic, and affordable choices. We'll assist you in getting the blueprints you need, help you obtain necessary permits, and ensure the quality of your new home addition- whatever it may be! Considering a home addition? Please take a few moments to view our gallery, which showcases some of our most recent projects. You may even want to steal a few design ideas! We’ll allow it!

Ready to cook in style?

The kitchen is the focal point of most homes. So, why not make yours cozy and down-right remarkable? Whether you want to put a new spin on an old design or keep up with the latest trends, at Hi-Tech Builders, Inc., we provide you with endless samples and design recommendations during your free consultation, bringing your design dreams to life (even with time and budget constraints). Let’s add those custom cabinets and self-close drawers, shall we? Whether you’re simply seeking new countertops or a complete demolition and overhaul, we've got you completely covered. Kitchens are our specialty. Allow us to make yours extra special…today!

Bathroom needing a facelift?

Bathrooms can make or break your home experience - it’s one of the first rooms you enter every morning! So, obviously, having a well-designed, comfortable bathroom is part of a perfectly balanced morning, right? By choosing Hi-Tech Builders, Inc., you are guaranteeing yourself quick, quality remodeling efficiency that is unmatched by our competitors. Allow our team to create the shower of your dreams, add a new vanity that ties the room together with its style and functionality, or simply upgrade your tile, rejuvenating your bathroom’s vitality. Browse our gallery of bathroom remodels, and let the pictures do the talking!
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Licensed & Bonded #957111 Since 1991
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