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Licensed & Bonded #957111 Since 1991
HiTech Builders, Inc., Contractors  General, Encino, CA
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HI-TECH BUILDERS INC - a Premiere Construction Company in Los Angeles.
Ready to remodel but don’t know where to start? Want to make your vision a reality?

Hi-Tech Builders, Inc. is ready to assist you with all your remodeling, repairing and building needs!

When it comes to reliable, quality construction services, Hi-Tech Builders is proud to stand as one of the leading contracting companies in California. Serving Los Angeles and the surrounding areas for over two decades, our team of professional specialists, designers, and technicians are available at YOUR convenience to assist in turning your home dreams into functional and stylish spaces (that you can actually enjoy).
Our Guarantee to YOU

At Hi-Tech Builders Inc., we are dedicated to providing high-quality services at rates you can rely on!

Our commitment to exceptional customer service is unparalleled, as our service representatives are in daily contact with you throughout your project. Whether we’re simply informing you of the project’s status or communicating who will be on-site, we guarantee a smooth and enjoyable process.
Our highly-trained and experienced team can handle everything- from small paint jobs, to landscape overhauls, to full-scale remodels- the choice is yours!

We are dedicated to providing our customers with cutting-edge style and design at a price YOU can afford. Want top quality construction and the best general contractor in the Los Angeles area? At Hi-Tech Builders, Inc., we have mastered the art of transforming our clients’ true visions into real-life spaces.

We guarantee Hi-Tech, Hi-quality work - and deliver nothing short of excellence!
Why Choose Hi-Tech Builders Inc?

“We treat YOU like family” - it’s not cliché. It’s the Hi-Tech Builders way!

We are a family-owned remodeling business with 20+ years of experience. Specializing in everything from kitchen and bathroom remodels to room additions to painting, at Hi-Tech Builders, Inc., we literally do it all!
Seeking a local, professional company to remodel your home?

At Hi-Tech Builders, Inc., we are devoted to creating spaces based on not only on your unique desires and specifications, but most importantly, YOUR BUDGET! Our team is committed to working with you to expertly plan, beautifully design, and strategically construct a fully-functional, practical remodel.

Hi-Tech Builders, Inc… Our Results Satisfy and Inspire!
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Licensed & Bonded #957111 Since 1991
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